Tagging menu items for performance reporting


Measuring Menu Item Performance is Critical to Restaurant Success

As a restaurant owner, it is critical to have a real-time view of how menu items are performing. Measuring performance allows you to order inventory and staff properly. Performance reports also allow you to optimize your menu items. Poorly performing menu items can be removed quickly and highly performing items can be leveraged. An owner seeing high performance will want to add similar items to the menu. Owners with multiple locations may use a location to test menu items. Seeing success an owner will know to quickly add the new item to the other locations. Restaurants with mobile locations like food trucks will use menu item measurement to have best sellers on the trucks. And catering menus should feature best selling items.  

A restaurant point-of-sale solution should offer robust reporting and measurement. Owners should be able to tag menu items in various ways to measure performance. For example, an owner should be able to tag categories (like vegan or meat-lovers), and also be able to tag individual menu items (like the vegan burger or meat-lovers pizza).

The right restaurant point-of-sale solution makes it easy for the management, staff and owner to run real-time reports and view them by location, time of day and season.

MOJO’s Point-of-Sale solution supports tagging both categories and menu items so that you can view and measure performance 24/7. Because MOJO POS is cloud-based, you can view your reports from any location, making it easy for you to adjust quickly.  Want to learn how to put tags on your menu items? Book a Demo or call us at 866-713-2224.