CJ’s Coffee Cafe takes coffee and food seriously.

They micro-roast their coffee in-house, serve all their sandwiches on “daily, baked from scratch” bread, and even prepare a variety of home made soups and salads.

And all that hard work is paying off…

Demand has grown so quickly that they have recently added a coffee truck while they scout for their second ‘brick and mortar’ location.

“When I purchased CJ’s from the previous owner, I realized that there is a strong demand for locally roasted coffee in the Texoma region.” says Nancy Gentry, owner of CJ’s Coffee Cafe.

“I revamped the existing menu and added a roasterie so we would have the freshest coffee north of Dallas then we also added Nitro Coffee as well.  Once the word got out about what we were doing, our business began to grow. “

“As the business grew, we decided to add the coffee truck to help meet growing demand.”

“But we also found that the truck really helps spread the word about CJ’s and keeps us in the minds of our customers.” adds Jonathan Gentry, owner of CJ’s Coffee Express.

”Add to this the convenience that the CJ’s Cafe mobile app provides our customers, we believe Mojo is the main reason our revenue has gone up 10% since we switched.

“Since we switched to Mojo POS we have been able to process customers faster and it has really helped us support our growing business. My staff love the simplicity and speed and we even take Mojo outside to speed up drive-thru wait times.”

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“Mojo really has paid itself off many times over.”