Keeping up with the latest in Point-of-Sale Solutions


How Restaurants can choose the best POS solution

Keeping up with the latest in point-of-sale technology is critical to a restaurant’s success. However, any restaurant owner can tell you that choosing the right point-of-sale is not always straightforward. In this discussion, MOJO Point-of-Sale offers some advice on how to evaluate and choose a POS solution for restaurants.

Restaurant Focused

First, focus your review to POS solutions designed specifically for the restaurant environment. POS designed for restaurant environments will include features that help expand sales, like online order sites. The best restaurant specific POS solutions include features that help improve efficiency, like crew management and robust kitchen ticket print mapping. Restaurant POS solutions must also integrate with sales tax and income tax reporting. Guests these days demand flexible payment options, so a POS solution must have features that allow split payment and tipping.

Food Trucks 

If you operate food trucks as part of your restaurant, or as your main operation, the POS must support scheduling and communication of locations and opening hours. The POS solution should also make it easy to communicate hours, locations and schedules to guests.

Avoid Hardware Investment

Restaurants should avoid POS solutions that require a specific operating system or hardware investment. Look for POS solutions that use common devices like iPads and off the shelf available hardware.  It is common for POS providers to charge for support, so restaurants should make sure you confirm that support is included.

Culture is Important

A restaurant should also look closely at the culture of the POS provider. Large POS providers rely on resellers making it hard to have a close relationship with the provider post-sale. Look for providers that ask questions about your business. The POS provider should be able to demonstrate how their solution can support your unique business.

About MOJO Point-of-Sale

MOJO Point-of-Sale designs POS specifically for quick and counter serve restaurants, cafes, food trucks and artisanal concepts like bakeries, donut shops and delis. We chat with potential customers in length to determine if the MOJO POS system is the best solution. If you are evaluating POS technology for the first time or are contemplating a switch, please reach out. We’d love to help you find the right solution. Call 866-713-2224 or You can book a no-obligation demo here.