Attract New Customers with Online Ordering


MOJO Point-of-Sale helps you attract new customers with online ordering

Restaurants attract new customers & increase repeat business with online ordering. MOJO Point-of-Sale offers an integrated web/mobile order site that is included in our POS service. Easy to setup and easy for your customers to use. Earn more customers right away and keep them coming back. Want to learn more about cloud-based MOJO POS? Book a Demo or call us at 866-713-2224.

Letting each customer set a tip when payments are split


MOJO Point-of-Sale allows each customer to set their own tip when payments are split

MOJO Point-of-Sale allows your guests to create a custom tip when a payment is split into multiple checks. At payment, your server can enable a Tip Amount option so each guest can tip according to their check total. MOJO POS is always easy for staff to learn and use. Book a Demo or call us at 866-713-2224.

How Do I Add My Truck Schedule

Getting Started, KB

  • Log-in to your account here.
  • Select Schedule to display a calendar view for all locations/trucks.
  • Select Day, Week or Month View and click on the calendar to create a recurring schedule or individual event.
  • Enter information for the schedule/event includingLocation/Truck, Event Menu, Event Name, Start/End Date/Time, Recurring Schedule and Map Location.
  • Click Save

How do I connect my credit card reader?


How do I start using my new Swipe device?

You have inserted your new credit card swipe but it does not seem to work.

Currently Mojo supports two swipe devices. The iDynamo and the uDynamo.

If the reader plugs into your iPad headphone jack then it is a uDynamo. If not, it is the iDynamo.

To activate the appropriate device, please do the following:

  • Test 1

    Display the menu from the main POS screen

  • In the slide out menu, click on Card Reader

  • Select the appropriate device (uDynamo or iDynamo)

  • Click Done

How do I connect my Facebook and Twitter accounts?


How do I connect my Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Connecting your social media accounts to Trucks & Mortar, saves your time and effort by automating common social media tasks.

  • Test 1

    Log-in to your account.

  • Click on Settings -> General

  • Click on Social

  • Click on Facebook Connect button and follow the prompts to complete the connection.

  • Once Facebook connection is completed, select the Facebook Page that you wish to connect to.

  • Click on Twitter Connect button and follow the prompts to complete the connection.

How do I enable ‘Auto-complete’ on my walk-up orders?


Enable Auto-Complete for Walk-up orders

By enabling auto complete, an order will immediately be set to Complete. This ideal for food businesses such as Bakeries whose food may not require any preparation or ones that simply do not wish to track orders on the Point of Sale itself.

  • Test 1

    Tap the menu icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen

  • Tap the Auto Complete Orders toggle to ON.

Note: This setting only affects walk-up orders. Mobile orders will continue to step through In Process> >> Ready >> Picked Up/Delivered

How Do I Set Up Automatic Social Media Posts

Getting Started, KB

  • Log-in to your account here.

  • Select Settings/General

  • Click on Schedule to view options for publishing and posting your location/schedule.

    Trucks & Mortar can publish your schedule daily to your social media.

  • Turn On the auto publish feature and select a time for the posting. Click Save

    Trucks & Mortar can also auto post to your social media in advance of individual events or opening time.

  • Select # of minutes prior to event your'd like to post. Click Save

  • How Do I Post To Social Media From Trucks & Mortar

    Getting Started, KB

  • Log-in to your account here.

  • Select Social

  • Confirm that your social media accounts are connected

    Scheduled Posts

  • You can schedule your social media posts ahead of time by using the date picker to assign a specific date/time of the post.

    Add URL or Location

  • You can add a link or a map location to your posts by entering a URL or clicking on Attach Location and selecting a map location

  • Finally, enter the text of your post and select 1 or all of the destination social media options, Facebook, Twitter, & Your Mobile App.

  • Click Share to post immediately or in accordance with your posting schedule or click Save to store this post for later use.

  • How Do I Add Staff Members

    Getting Started, KB

    • Log-in to your account here.
    • Select Staff.
    • Click Add Crew and enter the personnel information.
    • Turn SMS Schedule Reminder ON if you want to send the crew member a weekly schedule reminder.
    • Click Save

    How Do I View My Sales Reports

    Getting Started, KB

  • Log-in to your account here.

  • Select Reports

  • Click on Sales Summary to view aggregate sales by location.


  • Click on Menu Item Performance to view detailed sales by product.

  • Select the Date/Time range for your report and click Run